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Brakes & Rotors in Campbellfield

Your car brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle and an extremely high priority item when it comes to repair or replacement. Brake service has to be done normally when one of two components wear out. Either the brake pads or the brake rotors are usually at fault when it comes to bad brakes. But what are these two components and how often do they need to be replaced? That’s exactly what will be looking at here.

Brake Rotors vs. Brake Pads

If you have ever seen brakes that are not in their natural environment as part of your vehicle, then you might’ve noticed that there are two separate components. The first of those is the brake rotor. Brake rotors are heavy, thick steel circular objects that are very smooth on the surface. The brake pad actually presses up against the brake rotor in order to make the vehicle stop. The brake rotor is constructed of steel and the pad it has a thick layer of rubber on it.

Signs Your Brakes Need Work

There are several signs that your brakes when he replacing if you pay attention to your vehicle. One of the most common signs is that your brakes don’t feel as good as they used to. They might feel as if they are going to go through the floor when you press them. You might also notice grinding of steel on steel that could tell you that your brake pads need replaced. In addition, blue discoloration on the rotor surface or grooves are hotspots on the rotor can also be indications that your brakes need replaced.

Alternatives to Replacing Brakes

There are a couple of alternatives for replacing brakes out there, but they are usually not worth it. For example, brake disc machining can be done to get a rotor back to its original working form, but it is usually just as cost-effective to buy a new set of rotors particularly when you consider that they come with a warranty. As for brake pads, generally when the rubber wears down to nothing, you’re going to have to buy new pads no matter what. At JE Automotive we offer a complete and comprehensive free brake pad and rotor inspection to let you know whether your brakes are in good shape or whether you will have to replace them soon.