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Car Service in Campbellfield

Car service is basically the scheduled maintenance that is performed on your vehicle regularly. These are things that are not covered in the warranty because they are things that every car owner has to deal with. However, when you buy a new car, a certain portion of your regular maintenance may be covered for a specific period of time such as three years or to a specific mileage. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of maintenance that your car will need to have performed on it.

Oil & Filter

When it comes to vehicle log book service, oil and filter maintenance is definitely at the top. Most people in an oil change every few months and that includes changing the filter as well. Changing the oil in the filter can cause you to have better gas mileage and your motor to run more smoothly. You can either change your oil yourself or have professionals do it more quickly and with higher quality motor oil.

Tyres Balanced and Rotated

You also need to have your Tyres balanced and rotated once in a while. This is also a bit of maintenance that you can do yourself if you have the right equipment, but most people find that it is a lot easier to take it to a professional and have them do it because the equipment that is required to balance and rotate your Tyres can be expensive.

Air Filters Changed

When air filters are in use for any length of time, they are going to get clogged by the breed, dirt and grime. That means that they only work a portion as effectively as they should. Having your air filters changed regularly will make your car run better and last longer.

Fluids Checked

Whenever we do scheduled maintenance on a vehicle we also checked the fluids and make sure that they are all topped up and that there are no leaks in the hoses or anything amiss in that area. These include things like window washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and all the other types of life blood that your car needs to run properly

Full Inspection

We will also do a full inspection on vehicles whenever we do service on them. Regular maintenance is a great time to do an inspection. Inspections can reveals there are any problems with your car that could require repair in the near future.