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Car Service in Fawkner

Car servicing is basically the scheduled maintenance that is performed on your vehicle regularly. These are things that are not covered in the warranty because they are things that every car owner has to deal with. However, when you buy a new car, a certain portion of your regular maintenance may be covered for a specific period of time such as three years or to a specific mileage. Some of the common types of maintenance that your car will need to have performed on it include; Oil & Filter Replacement, Tyres Balanced & Rotated, Cabin & Air Filters Changed and also Brake Replacement. We also provide a comprehensive inspection during your scheduled car service.

Car Repairs in Fawkner

One of the realities that come with owning a vehicle is that sometimes you’re going to have to have car repairs done. No cars going to last forever, and some breakdown far more quickly than others. However, their mechanics over the world that take care of these repairs when they happen so that you do not have to go back to your dealership and replace a car that you may have only bought a couple of years prior. We offer all the car repairs you can think of at a reasonable price here at JE Automotive.

Brakes & Rotors in Fawkner

Your car brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle and an extremely high priority item when it comes to repair or replacement. Brake service has to be done normally when one of two components wear out. Either the brake pads or the brake rotors are usually at fault when it comes to bad brakes.

Transmission Service & Repairs in Fawkner

When it comes to transmission services, there are a lot of things that are covered under that umbrella. Getting your transmission service every once in a while i is a part of your regular vehicle maintenance anyway, including replacing the transmission fluid. But there may also be instances where your transmission goes out completely or has a part that needs to be replaced. We can help you with transmission services and repairs when you need them.

Car Diagnostics in Fawkner

If your Check Engine light is one or your car is performing poorly in some areas, then you may want to consider having a car diagnostics test done. Professional mechanics can conduct car diagnostic tests to determine what exactly is wrong with your vehicle due to the sophisticated computer systems that are present in nearly every vehicle on the road. These computer systems track the various components of your vehicle and provide information to let mechanics know what needs to be fixed.

Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Fawkner

In order to drive a car legally on a road, most cars will require a Roadworthy Certificate or RWC. You will only be able to obtain this roadworthy certificate from a qualified and professional mechanic. However, without one, you are not going to be able to register a car or legally driving on the road. A roadworthy certificate does not necessarily guarantee that the car is mechanically sound. It just means that it is safe to drive. Contact us today to find out what it takes to get a roadworthy certificate for your car.

Car Batteries in Fawkner

Your car battery is one of the most important parts of your car when it comes to getting up and getting going in the morning. If your batteries are not working properly, then your car may not start. It takes the resources of a fully charged or nearly fully charged battery in order to get the starter going and ultimately your engine. So what you do when you suspect that you have a bad battery? Contact the friendly experts at JE Auto. We provide car batteries for all makes and models.

Suspension & Shock Absorber Repair in Fawkner

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to have your car suspension or shock absorbers worked on. The suspension in your vehicle is important, and we can help you maintain it properly including replacement suspension bushes and all of the other components that keep your car running properly and comfortably.

Engine Tuning & Car Performance Services in Fawkner

We can do a great deal to enhance your vehicle performance. Getting your vehicle tuned up is one of the best ways that you can improve performance. Car tuning is a complex process that requires a professional mechanic if you want it done correctly, but we can handle any type of vehicle that you need tuned. We do dyno tuning, ECU tuning and a whole lot more.

You might also want to have a complete engine rebuild. If you want your car for a long time, and you have multiple problems with it, then a complete engine rebuild can make your car run like brand-new. We also provide turbocharging and supercharging including intercooling.