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Engine Tuning & Car Performance Services in Campbellfield

We can do a great deal to enhance your vehicle performance. Most people do not think too much about their vehicle performance. As long as it gets them from point A to point B without breaking down, most people are perfectly satisfied with the performance of their vehicle as it is.

Vehicle Tuning

Getting your vehicle tuned up is one of the best ways that you can improve performance. Car tuning is a complex process that requires a professional mechanic if you want it done correctly, but we can handle any type of vehicle that you need tuned. We do dyno tuning, ECU tuning and a whole lot more. The benefits of increasing performance through a tune-up are wide and varied and can include things like increase gas mileage, better speeds, better takeoff speed, smoother transition through transmission gears and a smoother, better running engine.

Turbocharging & Supercharger

We also provide turbocharging and supercharging including intercooling. Sometimes, you want your car to run faster than comparable cars on the road. We understand this because we are car people to. That means that you might want to choose between turbocharging and supercharging. That includes installing intercooling within your engine.

But how do you choose between supercharging and turbocharging? That’s something that many people do not understand. That’s because the answer depends upon the type of car that you have. Both of these options can enhance the performance of your vehicle by quite a bit, but you want to choose the right one because some cars do better with supercharging while others perform better after turbocharging.

For example, superchargers can deliver their boost at lower RPMs while turbochargers work best a high engine speeds. You will often find them attached to European cars because the engine is smaller. There is a great deal of controversy out there about whether you need a supercharger or turbocharger for your engine.

Complete Engine Rebuild

You might also want to have a complete engine rebuild. If you want your car for a long time, and you have multiple problems with it, then a complete engine rebuild can make your car run like brand-new. This can definitely increase performance by huge factor. Of course, rebuilding engine is the most expensive option, and not everyone is going to want to go that route. However, it is something that we are able to do if you decide that rebuilding your engine is the solution.