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Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Campbellfield & Broadmeadows

In order to drive a car legally on a road, most cars will require a Roadworthy Certificate or RWC. You will only be able to obtain this roadworthy certificate from a qualified and professional mechanic. However, without one, you are not going to be able to register a car or legally driving on the road. A roadworthy certificate does not necessarily guarantee that the car is mechanically sound. It just means that it is safe to drive. Let’s take a look and find out what it takes to get a roadworthy certificate.

Who Can Conduct a Roadworthy Test?

So, how do you find someone to test your car roadworthy? The only company that can issue a roadworthy certificate is a licensed vehicle tester. A licensed vehicle tester has passed all of the requirements to conduct fair and thorough roadworthy test so that legally on Australian roads. It is possible to sell a car without a roadworthy certificate, but you have to disclose to the buyer that the car is not able to be driven.

 What is on the Roadworthy Checklist?

There are a number of things that are on the roadworthy checklist. For example, a roadworthy checklist will include making sure that the seats are secure in the seatbelts work, making sure that the car meets emission standards and the exhaust works, making sure that the wheels and Tyres are up to spec, make sure that the braking system works that the steering is perfect and that the car has suspension, making sure that all lamps and reflectors work, making sure that the windshield wipers and washers work and that the windscreen doesn’t have any major damage as well as checking the structure of the vehicle and going through the body, chassis and engine to make sure that all safety related concerns have been taken care of.

We Can Handle Your Roadworthy Certification (RWC)

We have the mechanics and certification to handle your roadworthy certificate. If you need a certificate of roadworthiness for your vehicle so that you can drive it on Australian roads, then you definitely need to come to us first because our customers know that we will never compromise their safety and let them go out on the road with the vehicle that is not 100% safe and secure. Plus, we can help you get the vehicle roadworthy if it is not an conduct another inspection afterward.