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Suspension & Shock Absorber Repair

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to have your suspension or shock absorbers worked on. The suspension in your vehicle is important, and we can help you maintain it properly including replacement suspension bushes and all of the other components that keep your car running properly and comfortably.

Understanding Car Suspension & Shock Absorbers

The first thing that you need to understand is exactly what your car suspension does and how shock absorbers affect suspension and how you use your vehicle. Shock absorbers basically absorb the shock of the bouncing that your car normally does so that you do not feel it when you’re driving. In the olden days, people would bounce around their cars like crazy because that is how cars are these aligned. These days, cars obviously have a better design, but they still require shock absorbers to prevent you from bouncing all over the cab of your vehicle.

Meanwhile, the suspension system includes the struts and is mounted to the chassis of the car so that the coils and the springs can be mounted and the height of the car can be maintained. So, shock absorbers allow you to write in the vehicle comfortably in provide better handling while struts and the suspension system allow for the vehicle to be sold at a reasonable cost.

Performance Suspension

If you want to enhance performance, then you certainly can do so through the suspension system. There are various ways that you can enhance your suspension system to increase performance on your vehicle. We can certainly discuss the options that you have when it comes to upgrading your suspension system. Most cars only come with the basics, but there are a lot of additional options out there for those that are willing to pay for them.

Shocks, Struts and Suspension Repair & Replacement in Campbellfield

We can also do repair and replacement on your shocks, struts and various other components of the suspension system. When we do scheduled maintenance, checking the shocks and struts is something that we normally do. In this way, we can tell you when they are about to go out or need replacement. In some cases, they will just need a part replaced. We have the mechanics and the knowledge to help you maintain your shock absorbers and suspension system to keep your car running as good as it always has.